Property Evaluation

TM & Associates, Inc. also offers property evaluations to its Clients. With a full array of real estate development and management experience, we are able to analyze real estate assets throughout the western united states and determine their values based upon property and market conditions.

The property evaluation process begins with TM & Associates, Inc. interviewing the Client to fully gain an understanding of the Client’s intended goals in an attempt to ultimately determine their real estate asset’s value. Next, TM & Associates, Inc. works with our network of contractors, engineers, real estate brokers and others to formulate a thorough report on the asset’s deferred maintenance concerns, in addition to an actual market condition financial analysis. By combining this critical information we are able to generate a comprehensive report that our Client can rely upon to better understand the long term benefits and/or risks associated with any given asset. *

*This property evaluation report is not intended to be utilized for financing appraisal purposes. If you are in need of an actual appraisal for financing reasons please contact your lender for a recommendation to a reliable MAI appraiser.