Investing/Capital Placement

The combined experience of TM & Associates, Inc.’s team has allowed the firm to continue developing projects through diverse up and down economic cycles. From such experiences, TM & Associates, Inc. has learned to diligently maintain financial order at all levels. Our focused strategy is to invest in long term opportunities, while our structure also allows us to take advantage of transactional opportunities during active development growth cycles.

As a privately held and closely managed firm, TM & Associates, Inc. has the flexibility to look at a wide variety of development opportunities and enter into innovative deal structures to push deals forward. This nimble strategy allows for quick responses which can at times make or break a deal. The firm’s structure also allows us to act in a timely manner when responding to new opportunities while continuing to attend to small business owners and large corporations, as well as, government “build-to-suit” requirements that come into the marketplace.

Our underwriting standards incorporate appropriate levels of debt, if required, depending upon the credit worthiness of the project being analyzed. In addition to participating in the equity stack of each project we develop, TM & Associates, Inc. solicits capital from high net worth individuals, as well as, regional lending institutions. Through the years, we have been fortunate enough to create long standing relationships with investment partners who rely upon our cornerstone commitment to integrity, honesty and the highest moral standards. We understand that there are many avenues for capital to be invested and that is why we clearly grasp our fiduciary responsibility when dealing with our investment partners’ capital. This understanding aligns our goals with our partners’ goals to make every effort to realize success on every project.